The Future
of Home Heating

The Future of Home Heating

With the rising cost of heating our homes, many of us are looking for alternative heating solutions at an affordable price. Central heating systems work by warming the air in your home and are expensive to operate. These type of heating systems are slowly becoming obsolete and being replaced with green technologies such as wind, solar and infrared heat. Wind and solar technologies are still very expensive and difficult to install. Our solar heating panels were designed with the consumer in mind. They are easy to install, cost effective and efficient. They work on the principal of radiant heat which travels through the air and is absorbed by objects in the room. Since there is no air movement; dust, pollen and microscopic particles will not affect the air quality, thus creating a warm, healthy, and comfortable environment. Another advantage of solar panels is the elimination of moisture in the walls of your home which can cause mould. They come with a 4 year replacement warranty, are 100% safe, and can save you as much as 60% on your next heating bill.

Energy Savings

When tested against other forms of electric heat such as baseboard heaters, space heaters and forced air electric furnace, solar heating technology yields a saving of up to 60%. The expected savings of heating a room with natural gas heaters such as a fireplace is 30% at current Canadian gas prices. Central heating systems are designed to heat the entire house, however, some homes may have areas that require different heat zones. This cannot be achieved with a central heating system. Solar heating panels can be installed independently in every room of your home, giving you the option to create different heat zones. Some homeowners have invested tens of thousands of dollars in geothermal heating systems. Installing solar heating panels throughout your home, in many cases, achieves the same results at a far less expense to the homeowner. They pay themselves after a few years of operation while the financial return of geothermal heating systems could take considerably more time.


Solar Heating panels are know to greatly improve the air quality in your home. As opposed to conventional heating systems that either circulate or draw in dusty air from the floor, solar heating panels warm the walls and surfaces of your home through radiant heat. Health benefits include increase in blood circulation, improved joint and muscle flexibility, and reduction of airborne allergens. Being inside your home with solar heating panels is like being outside on a sunny day. Many yoga studios and spas are now using this technology for these very reasons. It gives the client a sense of well-being.

Space saving

Liberating floor space is essential in many homes; it opens up more options for room configuration and layout. Those with baseboard heaters know that furniture positioning depends on where these heaters are situated. They require a clearance of at least 6 inches which reduces usable floor space. The benefits of Installing solar panels on your walls is to free up floor space. You can place your furniture where you want without being hindered by baseboard heating units. Couches and cabinets can be placed directly against walls making rooms seem larger.