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Solar heating is the perfect way to warm a space without the dusty dryness of traditional convection heating, and it consumes energy in a much more efficient way, reducing your power consumption by up to 60%–that’s better for the environment, and better for your bottom line every month.

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Standard Solar Heating Panel

Base IR150 - 600W
$399.00 CAD

heats up to 180 sq. ft.


Base IR200 - 800W
$459.00 CAD

heats up to 220 sq. ft.

Industrial Solar Heater - For Industrial settings and Greenhouses

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Programable Efficient Plug in Thermostat

Price: $54.00


Solar panel towel rail

Price: $49.00


Complete Solar Heating Panel Ceiling Mount Installation Kit

Price: $39.00


Floor-standing Solar Heating Panel Conversion Kit

Price: $39.00


Solar Heating Panel Ceiling Suspension Bolts

Price: $12.00